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As the owner of Gigi’s Cupcakes of Orlando, Florida, I would like to share my dream. After spending most of my life working for a large corporation, I wanted to take my years of business experience and start a trust worthy company that would deliver a high quality product, offer outstanding service, and add value to the community.
After looking at many different business opportunities, I came across Gigi’s Cupcakes and immediately knew this is the one! Who would not fall in love with a business that brought to life memories of my own childhood?
Having wonderful parents who loved good old southern cooking was a great blessing. Every meal and dessert was lovingly made from recipes handed down by family and friends and made with the best available ingredients. For me, that smell of fresh baked wholesome food was always a part of family reunions and cherished Holiday gatherings.
We see and experience that same feeling of baked from scratch goodness and pride in the Gigi’s Cupcakes products. It’s as if Gigi’s were an extension of our family heritage. Thank you Gigi Butler, founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes, for living your dream and sharing your concept with me.
At Gigi’s Cupcakes of Orlando, Florida, we want to bring the Gigi’s experience to Central Florida and all of our friends in metro-Orlando by offering you and your family our cupcakes made with loving care, one cupcake at a time. Our dream is to share that same fresh baked wholesome goodness of our youth so that Gigi’s might become a part of your family’s tradition and of great memories yet to come.
So come see us and give us a swirl!
Looking forward to serving you.

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